Lupita Nyong’o onstage at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 12, 2014

Title: A Little Priest
Artist: Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp
Played: 3345 times


a little priest // helena bonham carter & johnny depp

it’s man devouring man, my dear
and who are we to deny it in here?


a gay man portraying a straight man forcing a lesbian actress playing a lesbian to focus on a hot dude’s dick





Hello Queen of Genovia

i read an article once that tried to “analyze” why so many people hate anne hathaway. i think the reason is because she’s a woman who sticks up for herself and stands up against sexism

I will never understand why people hate Anne Hathaway. From what I’ve heard from friends who have worked with her, it’s my understanding that she’s mean or full of herself or something, but like, I don’t care. She’s not obligated to be nice, and she stands for what’s right and doesn’t tolerate bullshit. On the opposite end, we have like, Katy Perry. Are you really going to try to tell me that niceness is really the ultimate character trait?


Me every time a develop any sort of feeling towards humans


I want 0 responsibilities and a lot of lingerie